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Hyde Tools 45760 Glazier Points
Hyde 45760 Glazier Point
Our Price: $2.39

Hold glass to sash under putty. Made with a T to be pushed into wood sash with putty knife. more info
General Tools 8501 Glass Cutter
General 8501 Ball End Glass Cutter, 1/8 to 1/4 in Cutting Capacity, Steel Body, 5 in L
Our Price: $3.79

Cuts plate glass from 1/8 in to 1/4 in thick. Steel wheel with honed angle of 120 deg for cutting single and double strength glass. Tooth design to remove rough edges. Ball end handle for snapping of scored glass. more info
Flex-o-glaze CT12 Acrylic Cutter
Warp's Flex-O-Glaze CT12 Acrylic Cutter
Our Price: $4.99

Fast, accurate cuts in acrylic Flex-O-Glaze, other plastic sheet, vinyl tile and aluminum. more info
Plaskolite 1999999A Plastic Cutting Tool
Plaskolite 1999999A Cutting Tool, Straight Edged Blade, Acrylic/Plastic
Our Price: $4.99

For cutting rigid plastics. The easiest and sharpest way to cut Plaskolite panes. Place a straight edge along the line to be cut. Make several cuts along the edge until the score line can be cracked with light pressure of the thumbs at the cut. more info
ProSource 17001 Tile/Glass Cutter
Vulcan 17001 Tile and Glass Cutter, Zinc Body, 5.125 in L
Our Price: $5.69

The Vulcan tile and glass cutter can be used to cut tile and glass. The handle is made of zinc alloy and the cutting wheel is made of tungsten carbide. more info
ProSource 14300 Glazing Tools
ProSource 14300 Glazing Tool, HCS
Our Price: $5.99

The ProSource glazing tool flat end are used to clean out old putty. Use V-shape end to apply and smooth new putty. The blade is made of high carbon steel. more info
Fletcher-Terry 01-128/07-CP Gold Tip Glass Cutter
Fletcher 01-128/07-CP Ball End Glass Cutter, 0.75 to 1.5 mm Cutting Capacity, Steel Body
Our Price: $5.99

Fletcher's handheld glass cutters are designed and manufactured for the industries of glass and glazing, hardware, glass fabricators, stain glass and glass float plants. more info
Hyde Tools 45730 Plastic Cutting Tool
Hyde 45730 Cutting Tool, Plastic/Steel
Our Price: $6.99

Score sheet plastic, acrylics and laminated fiberglass as well as thin copper and aluminum. Scoring edge is double-bevel ground. Plastic handle grip. more info
Hyde Tools 45700 Glass Cutter
Hyde 45700 Glass Cutter, Carbide Cutting Edge, Metal Handle
Our Price: $6.99

Heavy-duty tungsten carbide cutting wheel for making straight and curved cuts in glass and mirrors. Carbide cuts clean and stays sharp. Balanced cast metal handle. more info
Fletcher-Terry 05-111 Score Mate Plastic Cutting Tool
Fletcher 05-111 Cutter, Acrylic/Plastic, 9-1/4 in L
Our Price: $6.99

Two cutting tips. Precision ground edges for normal and extra pressure scoring of acrylic plastics. Scores acrylics and tile up to 1/4 in. more info
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