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Quickie 409 Dust Pan
Quickie 409 Dustpan, 12.81 in L, 9-1/4 in W, Plastic
Our Price: $3.29

Snap on dustpan, holds large debris. All plastic construction won't rust or crack, convenient hang up feature for easy storage. more info
BIRDWELL 028-60 Broom Buddy Dustpan, 10-1/4 in W
Our Price: $5.39

Wide angled dustpan snaps to broom handle. Comes in assorted colors. more info
Quickie 402 Dustpan and Brush Set, 12.02 in L, 10.32 in W, Plastic/Poly Fiber
Our Price: $5.99

Flagged fibers on brush gather small particles. All plastic construction will not rust or crack. Brush locks in full-size dustpan to keep set together. Convenient hang-up feature. more info
Quickie 441 Dust Pan
Quickie 441 Dustpan, 18 in L, 11-1/2 in W, Plastic
Our Price: $5.99

Extra wide 11 in beveled opening. Snaps onto standard broom handle, also features hole in handle for hang-up. Plastic. more info
Rubbermaid FG200500 CHAR Dust Pan
Rubbermaid 200500CHAR Dustpan, 12.2 in L, 8.2 in W, Polypropylene, Charcoal
Our Price: $8.69

Heavy-duty injection-molded plastic construction in extra-large size to accommodate large jobs for quick clean-up. more info
ProSource Pro DL-5004 Dust pans
Simple Spaces DL-5004 Dustpan, 13-1/2 in L, 12 in W, Steel, Black
Our Price: $8.99

With it's classic design, highly durable and efficiently design this dustpan goes well with any broom. Collects dirt and debris quickly and efficiently. The larger surface area helps in collecting large quantity dust. more info
Quickie 407-3/6 Dust Pan
Quickie 407-3/6 Dustpan, 3 in L, 9-1/4 in W, Steel
Our Price: $9.99

Epoxy-coated steel ribbed construction for extra strength. Convenient hang-up feature. more info
Quickie 446-3/48 Homepro-Mini Sweep Utility Dusters
Quickie 446-3/48 Mini Sweep and Dustpan, 8 in L, 7 in W, Plastic
Our Price: $9.99

Interlocking dustpan and brush in easy to remove design. Ergonomic soft-grip handle and flagged, angled poly fibers for easy sweeping. Convenient hang-up feature. more info
Fulton 182B-20PK Open Dust Pan 12-3/4 in W x 7-1/2 in H
FULTON 182B-20PK Open Dustpan, 7-1/2 in L, 12-3/4 in W, Steel, Black, Enamel-Coated
Our Price: $10.99

FULTON Open Dustpan, Steel, Black, 7-1/2 in Length, 12-3/4 in Width, Enamel-Coated more info
BIRDWELL 030-12 Dustpan, 10-1/4 in W
Our Price: $11.99

10-1/2 in brush attached. Assorted colors. more info
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