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Foampro 60 Paint Can Grid
Foampro 60 Paint Can Grid, 1 gal, 10 in L x 4 in W, 1/4 in T
Our Price: $2.00

For stirring and mixing paint. Eliminates messy pouring of paint. Apply paint directly from a 1-gallon can with rollers up to 4" wide. Snaps under paint can lip for storage and to make room for large diameter rollers. No paint tray needed. 4" x 10" x 1/4".
Linzer RM115 Bucket Grid
Linzer RM115 Bucket Grid, 1 gal, 9 in L x 4-3/4 in W, 1/4 in T, Plastic, Red?
Our Price: $2.15

No paint tray needed. Ideal for stirring and mixing, for use with 2" and 4" mini rollers.
Mintcraft CW921 Paint Bucket Grids
MintCraft CW921 2-Sided Paint Bucket Grid, 5 gal, 13 in L x 10 in W, Flexible Handle, Galvanized Frame
Our Price: $2.51

Two-sided wrapped galvanized frame 13" x 10".
Linzer RM150 Paint Bucket Grids
Linzer RM150 4-Sided Heavy Duty Bucket Grid, For Use With 1 gal Cans, Steel, Silver
Our Price: $2.62

Fits one gallon cans. 4 sided. For buckets & paint trays. Size: 7-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 2-1/2".
Wooster F0001 Paint Bucket Grids
Wooster Brush F0001 Heavy Duty Wire Spreader Screen, For Use With 5 gal Buckets, Steel, Silver
Our Price: $3.00

Light-quality expanded steel wire bright galvanized finish. Reinforced edges on all sides. 10" wide x 11-1/2" long.
Mintcraft CW941 Paint Bucket Grids
MintCraft CW941 4-Sided Paint Bucket Grid, 5 gal, 12 in L x 10 in W, Galvanized Frame
Our Price: $3.18

All 4 sides wrapped galvanized frame 12" x 10".
Linzer RM414 Paint Bucket Grids
Linzer RM414 4-Sided Heavy Duty Bucket Grid, For Use With 2 gal Cans, Steel, Silver
Our Price: $3.45

Fits 2 gallon cans. 4 sided. Heavy duty, for buckets and paint trays.
Snap Screen R008 Bucket Grid
Snap Screen R008 Bucket Grid, 1 gal, 9 in L x 5 in W, Polypropylene Green
Our Price: $3.47

Paint right from the can with all rollers 4-1/2" or smaller. Hooks secure the grid, provide best rolling angle; slot in top holds roller frame grip in place. Durable green polypropylene won't rust, resists solvents and paint buildup, easy to clean. Fits all 1 gallon metal paint cans, 9in. L x 5-1/4in.W.
GRID PNT BCKT 10-1/2X10-1/2IN
GRID PNT BCKT 10-1/2X10-1/2IN
Our Price: $3.91

Durable green polypropylene won?t rust, resists solvents and paint buildup; open design for easy cleaning. Snap two together for large trays or buckets. Can be used for 8614 Wide Boy bucket (Orgill SKU# 663.6047). Also fits 8616 Wooster 4-Gallon Bucket (Orgill SKU# 150.0735) or common 5-gallon paint pails. 10 1/2? L x 10 1/2? W.
Whizz 57100 Paint Bucket Grids
Grid Paint Bucket Gallon - Case of 10
Our Price: $19.00

Fits in a gallon can. Converts gallon can into paint loading system. Compatible with all whizz 2" and 4" rollers. Plastic construction. Will not rust. May be sealed-in can. Easy to clean.
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